Your trip to Australia or New Zealand without flying; rush to the Pacific in Groningen and grab the:

Pacific Holiday Package

  • Starting with an Australian drink

  • Appetizers

  • A BBQ Platter as main course, with our bbq-ed, grilled and smoked top dishes. (Sides included)

  • A dessert to choice

  • An unique photo experience, to convince your family and friends that you have been 'down under' this summer!

All just for 29,50 per person 

Pacific drink expierence

19,50 euro for 2 persons

Treat your self and a friend with some drinks. 
We are offering two different beers and ciders from Australia and New Zealand.  A small platter with all different snacks to pair with your beer

BBQ Package

A gift bag prepared by us, to be finished by you on your own barbie.

Holiday in your own garden! From 19,50 euro per person.

A gift bag, including:

  • Charcoal chicken

  • Smoked ribs

  • Teriyaki steak 

  • Corn

  • Coleslaw

  • Our famous BBQ sauce

  • Our Sriracha Mayo

  • Goodies


Oosterstraat 65

9711NS Groningen  

Opening hours

Tuesday - Thursday
17:00 - 23:00

Friday & Saturday




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